Reaching-Ladakh Doodpathri

The place is just 42kms away from Srinagar, it's a beautiful place with carpet like meadows and A flowing river resounds with soft wind passing through the pine trees of the enclosures of the valley. It is also called as a VALLEY OF MILK because it produces rich milk in a large quantity It is said that the cattle grazing in the meadows of Doodpathri, produces rich milk in large quantity , this reason it is called the valley of milk Doodhpathri.

The shepherds from different areas travel to this place along with their cattles and stay there for days together. This area also connected to Gurez valley on its north. The place Doodhpathri has not been fully explored or one can say that not many tourists come there because of the terrible road which goes from Khan Sahab to Doodhpathri.

A local newspaper had published a photograph of Doodhpathri which showed the merciless chopping of trees and the bad condition of the road. One of the officials reacting just after seeing the photograph in the newspaper wrote back to the newspaper the heading of the reply that was published just the day after the photograph was published was "Felling trees at Dodhpathri and the clarification thereof".

The official had written that the road construction from Khansaheb Reyar Doodpathri has been undertaken under CRT (Central Road Funding) project and an amount of Rs. 1.20 crores as compensation was given to the Forest dept. by the R&B Department, and also it was felt that some trees were to be chopped down in order to complete the road widening.

One understands that the trees which would come in the way of road widening were to be chopped down but what about the trees which are far away from the road, why are they chopped down? If the compensation has been given to the Forest Department why are they not replanting the trees or are they waiting for some natural disaster to wake them up?Are the concerned authorities making a check over the smuggling which is happening even in broad daylight? What for are they (the concerned authorities)? Have they forgotten the responsibility that they have on their shoulders?All these question have to be answered someday or the other.